Diomede Basketball Team in Koyuk

Diomede Basketball Team Participates in Cultural Activities Leading Up to Tournament
Posted on 04/12/2019
2019 Diomede Middle School Basketball Team

As part of Diomede students' trip to Koyuk for a middle school basketball tournament, they extended their stay in order to participate in a few local cultural activities. The team wants to thank Flora Kavairlook for setting up the activities and a huge 'Thank You!' to Grace Morris of Koyuk, who was the guide and mentor for cutting up a caribou and taking the team fishing.  The team will bring back caribou meat and some tomcod to Diomede!

Diomede Basketball Team fishes for tomcod in Koyuk

Diomede Basketball Team learns how to cut caribou

Diomede Basketball Team

From Left-to-Right: BACK ROW: Coach-Mike Gadbois (Mr. G), Kyra Ozenna #14, Heather Ozenna #20, Jacob Ahkinga #30, Raleigh Ahkinga #21, Faith Ozenna #50, Manager-Rene Ozenna,
FRONT ROW: Jennifer Ozenna #34, Jason Ozenna #25

Diomede Basketball Playing

Diomede Basketball Team wins Team Sportsmanship

Team Sportsmanship Award