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Visual Arts Curriculum Highlights:

Elements and Principles of Art

The BSSD Visual Arts curriculum resource guide includes instruction on the 12 primary elements and principles of visual art. These include: line, pattern, shape/form, color, value, texture, space/perspective, rhythm/movement, proportion/scale, balance, unity, and emphasis.

Elementary Grades K – 6: Encounter/Engage/Reflect

The BSSD Visual Arts curriculum follows the encounter/engage/reflect instructional model when teaching students visual art.

Encounter and learn about the art of accomplished artists from nearby and around the world,

past, and present.

Engage in creating art.

Reflect upon the process of learning about and making art.


Artist Biographies and Art Examples:

The BSSD Visual Arts curriculum includes the biographies of local and world-renowned artists, as well as examples of the art forms. Local artists include: Ben Pungowiyi, Melvin Olanna, Lucy Washignton, Wanda Slwooko, Rachel Stasenko, Natalie Akaran, Frank Miller III, Rita Olanna, and Ron Senungetuk. Also, throughout the curriculum guide, many examples of local artists pieces are presented beyond those mentioned in the biographies.


The BSSD Visual Arts curriculum includes essential vocabulary associated with formal art education in the form of a glossary.

Alaska Content Standards for Art

The BSSD Visual Arts curriculum includes the Alaska Content Standards for Art:

A. A student should be able to create and perform in the arts.

B. A student should be able to understand the historical and contemporary role of the arts in Alaska, the nation, and the world.

C. A student should be able to critique the student's art and the art of others.

D. A student should be able to recognize beauty and meaning through the arts in the student's life.

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