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Upcoming Testing Dates

PEAKS - March 26 -April 11
DLM - March 19 - May 4
Alaska Science - April 2 - 18

As of today 7 sites are completely finished with the PEAKS/AKScience testing. The remaining 8 are continuing to attempt to get the remaining students tested as they deal with the flu, medical travel and vacations all of which have impacted attendance, and has pushed some testing beyond the district window and into the latter half of the State testing window. With a few minor exceptions testing went relatively smoothly. Kudos to all of the site testing coordinators, the tech liaisons, Geni Dodsworth, our tech lead and everyone else who did their part to resolve issues and kept testing moving forward.

The PEAKS test window will open on March 26th and close, in-district, on April 11th. This will
involve all 3rd-9th graders testing in ELA and Math. Information on PEAKS testing tools and
practice opportunities will also be going out to sites in order for our students to have plenty of time to be familiarized with the format/tools of the PEAKS test this year. There are a couple of changes in this year’s testing. One change that will impact testing in schools in FY18 is the fact that the PEAKS testing will no longer be 3rd-10th grade students, but will instead be 3rd-9th grade students. This does not impact the Alaska Science Assessment however, which will remain in place for 4th, 8th & 10th grade students. Another change is in the Math portion of the PEAKS test for the 9th graders. It will no longer be a general math test for these particular students, but will be a test that is geared towards Algebra I. This is in line with the direction that the state is going with moving the Math towards an “End of Course” assessment.

The Alaska Science Assessment window will open on April 2nd and close, in-district, on
April 18. This will involve students in grades 4, 8 & 10.

Here are links to both the Online Tools Training as well as the Student Tutorials. The Online Tools Training (OTT) is the actual practice test for students. It is not intended to test them on the content they will be exposed to, but rather give them opportunities to become familiar with the tools that are provided in the test system as they get a chance to actually use them. The Student Tutorials are simply videos that show the students what the test items/tools might look like, but are not interactive. Both of these resources have unlimited access and can be viewed/used by students, teachers, parents and community members.

Accessing Online Tools Training (OTT) for the PEAKS Computer Basket Assessment

Accessing PEAKS Student Tutorials

Dynamic Learning Maps is the alternate testing experience provided for those students with
significant cognitive disabilities. These students are identified through a specific process and ] are assessed in a one-on-one situation. The testing window for this assessment opens on
March 19th and closes on May 4th.

The Dept of Education has finally posted the Participation Guidelines which identify all of the allowed accommodations for students with IEPs, those who are designated as EL (English Learners), as well as 504 students. Any accommodations indicated to be used during assessments must also have been used during the student’s instruction.

Participation Guidelines for Inclusion of Alaska Students in State Assessments