Academic Decathlon

2018 BSSD Academic Decathlon - Hosted by St. Michael

2018 BSSD Academic Decathlon Participants & Coaches
2018 Participants & Coaches

We just finished the largest Academic Decathlon event maybe ever in BSSD which is so exciting and encouraging. We had 8 schools send teams and almost 40 academic athletes....and with the mental workout challenges they ARE "athletes".

Attached are the results - nearly every student medaled in some event and those that didn't still did so well, often missing by only a couple points. Please congratulate all of the kids and coaches. Hopefully we'll continue to build on this.

Savoonga won the team championship in a tight contest over a very young Unalakleet team. White Mountain squeezed out the Super Quiz title over the same Unalakleet team,
going 5 extra sudden-death rounds.

The top-3 in each category qualified for State and are listed. However, several cannot make it on the State dates so the next highest scorer in specific category moved up. This is the list going to the State AD competition:

Honors: Florence Sarren (UNK), Jane Immigan (SVA), Hayley Weyiouanna (TLA)
Scholastic: Jacob Iya (SVA), Lincoln Simon (WMO), Adrienne Okoolmealingok (SVA)
Varsity: Sara Toolie (SVA), Stewart Tocktoo Jr. (KTS), Makayla Henry (KKA)

Coaches: Laura Huggins (SVA) and Luke McDonald (UNK)


 Savoonga 2018 BSSD Academic Decathlon Champs  Unalakleet 2018 BSSD Academic Decathlon Runner-Up
 Champions: Savoonga Huskies  Runner-Up: Unalakleet Wolfpack
 White Mountain BSSD Academic Decathlon Super Quiz Winner  BSSD Honors Top 3
 Super Quiz Champ: White Mountain Wolves Honors Top 3: Florence Sarren (UNK), Jane Immingan (SVA), Hayley Weyiouanna (TLA)
 2018 BSSD Academic Decathlon Top 3 Scholastic BSSD Academic Decathlon Varsity Top 3 
 Scholastic Top 3: Jacob Iya (SVA), Edward Titus (WMO), Lincoln Simon (WMO)  Varsity Top 3: Sarah Toolie (SVA), Stewart Tocktoo Jr. (KTS), Jalen Nassuk (KKA)