Cross Country Running State Championships
at Bartlett Running Trails in Anchorage
2017 Bering Strait State Qualifiers
        Left to Right: Edward Kokeok (SHH), Joey Kniseley (UNK), Jacob Brouillette (ELI), 
Felicia Ione (WMO), Anjoli Agloinga (WMO), Patricia Washington (SMK)

2017 BSSD State Cross Country Participants
(Edward, Joey, and Jacob after finishing their race)

 Results: Joey 19:49, Edward 20:12, Jacob 21:39

Boys Division II Complete Results

(Patricia, Felicia, and Anjoli listening to directions at the start from Coach Katya)

Results: Felicia 26:32, Anjoli 26:43, Patricia 28:25

Girls Division II Complete Results

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