What's Happening Around the Sound

May 18, 2018

KTS - ​​​​Brevig Mission is shoulder deep in water colors, collages, drum making, textiles and other messy challenges. Students in the Gulag (study hall) component of art camp have been finishing projects, assessments and assignments and several have passed classes or improved grades in classes they were failing last week. Hallelujah! We wish you all a wonderful last few days of school.
DIO -​ As I sign off with our last entry for Diomede school, let me first begin by saying it was a GREAT YEAR! I couldn’t be more proud of our staff and students for all of their perseverance. The island of Diomede is a unique place that offers unique challenges, but with these challenges come great rewards. Tonight we celebrate student success with a kindergarten and 8th-grade graduation followed by awards for each of our students’ accomplishments. We will end the year with the distribution of yearbooks, completion of numerous art projects and a community picnic. Well done Diomede!
ELI -​ Elim's senior graduation will take place Friday at 6pm and Prom will follow at 8:30pm. Elim has had a great year and we are excited for next years Principal to continue to improve on what has been done.
GAM - ​​​We are continuing our alphabet countdown. Our K-8 students were especially excited on Visit Day where students have a chance to visit the teacher and classroom they will have next year. Our 5th grade spent a day visiting the classes that will be available in the middle school. Several were excited by shop, home ec, and photography classes. Juniors and Seniors who were trying to increase their score completed WorkKeys testing on Friday. That evening students will be treated to a traditional evening of Prom for grades 7-12 followed by a lock in for grades 9-12. Our graduating seniors are squirming with anticipation for Sunday’s graduation.
GLV - -On Friday the 18th Golovin School will honor our senior graduates with a dinner starting at 6:00 p.m. Graduation is Saturday at 7:00 p.m. We will end the school year next week with Kindergarten graduation on Monday and on Wednesday the Quarter 4 Honor Assembly and school-community picnic. Have a Great Summer Break!
KKA​ - -​It was wonderful hosting former Koyuk Malimiut School principal John Weemes, who spoke to our graduates as Keynote Speaker at their graduation ceremony on Wednesday. Prom will take place on Saturday in three stages: elementary, middle school and high school. End of the year awards assembly is scheduled for Friday afternoon, which includes the recognition of three retiring staff members: Melvin "Dumma" Otton (5 years), Corinne Trish (27 years), and Molly Moon (37 years)! End of the year routines are in full gear as we finish up work, assessments, projects while squeezing in some fun and celebration!
SHH​ - A busy week again in Shishmaref as the school year is coming to a close. Shishmaref had a very successful prom on Saturday thanks to the work of the students, staff and members of the community. All students were invited to attend from ECE to high school. The Forty Second annual Shishmaref commencement for both ECE promotion and High School graduation was Monday. Twelve ECE students (Class of 2031) were promoted and thirteen high school students graduated. We were honored with honored guests including Patty Vink from the district office, Pastor Tommy Richter, School Board member Annie Weyiouanna, and ACE member Karla Nayokpuk. Teacher Ken Stenek was the guest speaker for the commencement. We are also very proud of our Middle school students who returned from the annual Savoonga Mangtak-Eaters Basketball tournament with a sportsmanship trophy.
SKK​ - Yesterday we had an awesome senior graduation where all three seniors, Anikan, Travis, and Ethan were recognized and celebrated for solid success in their high school careers! Special thanks to Calvin Aldrich and Abby Moon for facilitating, setting up, and coordinating/executing plans. We had a strong audience showing with family and friends, and the celebration was definitely a special memorable event. Tomorrow the community is hosting a potluck in the gym, and following the school is hosting an end of the year dance for students. Next week on Monday we’re having our Q4 awards assembly, then on Tuesday we’ve planned an exciting Inupiaq day, and on Wednesday we’ll have an end of the year picnic. We’re also inviting parents to join students as they rotate through classes/activities on Inupiaq day. We’re looking forward to celebrating our school-community partnership, adults and students learning from another, and having a lot of fun! Have an awesome summer!
SVA -​ The year is winding down fast! Senior dinner went well, ECE graduation went off with a hitch, and we are excited to have our 2018 Graduation Commencement tonight! There will be 12 graduates walking across the stage to receive their diploma! Both 7th and 8th grade math classes were amazed to have finished chapter 10 in their math books! They are now demonstrating what they have learned by reviewing the chapter tests. Science middle schoolers are busy building rockets to be ready for the earliest possible launch window before the end of the school year and our STEM club members are finishing up their projects and having a great time playing with their tabletop robots. Have a great end of the year! Finish strong!
SMK - ​​Congratulations to our UA Scholar LeAnne Long. She will attend UAA this fall. Plans for the carnival on our last day are set. It should be a lot of fun. But not before some spelling contests and math quests take place right away that morning. Keith Lockwood said the other day that birds are flying and boats are going in the water, Several science lessons outdoors are planned around water quality. Little teeny tiny kids visited from the preschool to see their kindergarten classroom for next fall. Teacher Jill made them feel right at home. We asked the kitchen ladies whats on the menu and they said prime rib. This caused some serious laughing. Lastly, 6 intrepid vocational students are leaving from Stebbins for NACTEC Monday. The St. Michael airport will be closed. Cameron, Joseph, and Kameon will study business. Alvin will study driver education. and Jaylyn and Ayden will study construction.
WBB -​ Stebbins’ students sang their hearts out at the Spring Music Celebration this week; this allowed them to share what they’ve learned from our artist in residence, Teri Tibbetts. We celebrated graduation with our seniors and their families at our pre graduation senior dinner. Mexican food was on the menu, including fajitas, enchiladas, and Spanish rice—all prepared by our amazing staff. The gym was busy all day Friday as people pitched in to prepare it for the commencement ceremony for the class of 2018. Go Grizzlies!
TLA - ​​​​Graduation is Friday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. Congratulations to Audrey Topkok, Kimberly Kakaruk, Harris Okbaok and Jared Topkok. Thank you to Savoonga for hosting the Middle School and Little Dribblers.
UNK - Unalakleet Schools enjoyed the wonderful graduation of seven fine young men on
Wednesday evening of this week. Parents, family members, staff, friends and community folks filled our gym to show their support and to congratulate each and every graduate. Our guest speaker, Mr. Jim Martin, shared wonderful insights into being successful and happy in life. The student slide show evoked great memories for members of the audience. The setting was pleasant and the refreshments were outstanding. We simply had a great time as a community visiting, sharing and showing our support for our seniors that have been such an important part of our school for many years. The only difficulty encountered were that the balloons wouldn't release from the ceiling at the end of the ceremony. We still had a super celebration.
WAA - ​The Wales School will be hosting a community Wellness event at the school, May 26. There will be food and games. Basketball for adults if they have a child attend and participate as well.
WMO -​ Graduation prep is in the works. All HS hands on deck this afternoon to set up the stage and begin decorations. Preparations afoot as well for the scavenger hunt with clever clues being created by MIddle School teacher Devin DiFranks. Kids will need to work together to figure out where to go next Tuesday after morning special learning sessions. The apples are here for apple pie making with teacher Jack Adams. Three seniors looking forward to their next steps, and several students have been staying after school preparing applications for summer job opportunities. Shop projects are clearing out of the shop, including several (working!) student snowmachines recently.

Upcoming Important Dates
5/23 - End of Quarter Grades Due
5/24 - Principal Check-out