MS Elevate Science Course 2

MS Life Science Scope and Sequence with NOS

MS Life Science Standards

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MS Life Science NGSS

AK Energy Smart Lessons

Life iScience Ch 9-10:   REACH Lesson #4 How do Plants Meet Their Needs?
                                      REACH Lesson #5 What are Some Types of Plants?
                                      REACH Lesson #6 How do Plants Respond?

Life iScience Ch 20:      REACH Lesson #1 Types of Plants in Your Area?
                                      REACH Lesson #2 Water Cycle
                                      REACH Lesson #3 Food Chains

Life iScience Ch 20-22:   REACH Lesson #7: How do Organisms Get Energy?
                                        REACH Lesson #8 How do Organisms Interact?
                                        REACH Lesson #9 What are Biomes?

                                        REACH Lesson#10 What are Ecosystems?
                                        REACH Lesson#11 Natural Cycles and Ecosystems
                                        REACH Lesson#12 Humans and Ecosystems
                                        REACH Lesson#13 Local Plant and Animal Adaptation
                                        REACH Lesson#14 Community and Climate Change    

Life iScience Ch 23:        REACH Lesson#15 What are Natural Resources?
                                        REACH Lesson#16 People's Use of Natural Resources
                                        REACH Lesson#17 Conservation of Natural Resources

Deep Alignment
MS Life Science 2 Cycling of matter and energy

MS Life Science 3 Structure and Function of Cells

MS Life Science 4 Heredity Genes and Successive Generations

MS Life Science 5 Tissues Organs and Organ system

MS Life Science 6 Biological Evolution and Natural Selection

Science Under Sail

NOS: Inquiry Edible Candles: Observation v Inference

Ch. 1: Dichotomous Key/Sort and Classify Activity

Ch. 2: Diatoms/Cells Art Activity

Ch. 6: Bird Drawings with Bill Berry Adaptations Art Activity

Ch. 21: Peterson-Mark Fish Population Recapture Estimate Activity