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FY21 Alaska Studies October-December Pacing Guide

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Alaska State Library


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       Alaska Maps Primary Source Activity

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Alaska Native Civics and Government


Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center: Sharing Knowledge: First Peoples of Alaska

Kawerak Subsistence Traditions of Respect

Alaska Archaeology Concentration Game

Adventures in the Alaska Economy Teacher's Guide

Adventures in the Alaska Economy Student Text

Spirit Masks Art Project

Science Under Sail

Russian Reader

Gold Rush Lesson Plan

Gold Rush Writing Prompts

Orphaned by the Flu

Alaska Salmon Immigration and Migration Art Activity


Discussion Questions

For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska: Teacher's Guide

Aleut Story
teacher's guide and historical documents

Aleut Story Director's Cut supporting materials and archival documents

Aleut Internment: Personal Justice Denied

Attu: A Lost Village of the Aleutians

The Origins of Tundra Times

Statehood! Teachers Guide

Citizen's Guide to the Alaska Constitution

Barrow Duck-In
       The Duck-In (Video)

        Why the Natives of Alaska Have a Land Claim

Alaska Studies: Native Ways

Alaska Studies: Stories and Songs

Nalliq: Indigenous Issues

Teaching with Primary Sources