Bering Strait School District Apparel

For pricing and or if you would like to purchase any of the apparel.

Contact Information
Dorothy Ivanoff
Phone: (907) 624-4271
Email: dbivanoff@bssd.org

*Note: Sizes and colors may vary.

      Black Beanie $15 - Black Neck Gaiter $15                    Black Vest $25              
Beanie/Neck Gaiter  Vest

             Grey Hoodie $30                                  Navy Zipper Hoodie $30 
Hooded Sweater Blue Hooded Sweater

Men's and Women's Sweatpants $20 
Mens' Sweatpants Women's Sweatpants

                  Black Jacket $50                        Navy Windbreaker Jacket w/hood $60
Black Jacket   Blue Hooded Jacket

Polo Shirts (Maroon, Green, Red) $20
Maroon Polo Shirt Green Polo Shirt Red Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

               Navy Mesh Shorts $15                     Maroon Long Sleeve T-Shirt $20
Shorts Maroon Long Sleeve Shirt